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manufactured by Sony

Genuine Sony Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Model SONY SE US18650GR Nominal Capacity 2200mAh Nominal Voltage 3.78V. Features High energy density high capacity light weight high power (wide temp.range) with over 500 cycles. By Sony Energytec Japan.

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Category: Lithium-Ion Batteries
Item Code: US18650GR
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Additional Information

These Sony Energytec US18650GR battery cell are new. We have teardown some of our factory sealed HP Li-ion battery PP2182D so that we may sell them individually. Here, you know you will be getting the real thing! These cells are carefully removed, tested and fully charge. The Sony US18650GR Lithium-ion Rechargeable cell are among the most versatile battery use in the world.

Audio visual equipment, Cellular phones, Office automation, Notebook PC, PDA and handy terminals, RC Hobbies and much more.
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