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manufactured by Suncom

100 Pack Suncom LR750 / AG5-393 Alkaline button cell battery. Silver Oxide, 1.5V, 60mah,5.4mm x 7.9mm. Replaces PN: SR754W, SR48, SR754, SB-B3, F, V393, D393, 255, S754E, GP393, AG5, AG-5, 393, SG5, LR750, LR48, LR754, L750, 393S, 393A, 393X, 393B, D309, 309, D309/393B, SR48SW, V309, RW48.

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Category: Lithium-Ion Batteries
Item Code: LR750-100
Condition: New
Status: New OEM
Warranty: 30 Days
Unit weight: 1lbs 
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Additional Information

SUNKING/ Suncom, is a brand known all over the world. It takes quality always comes first as its motto and is using high-quality materials and advanced equipments in the process of production in order to make sure that each piece of battery is with the highest quality according to the international standards. 

SUNKING/ Suncom certifications include: CE Certification, CMA (Greenery) Testing and Certification (Hong Kong), SGS Inspection (H.K.), MTL-ACTS mercury free testimonial, ISO9001:2000 System Certification and Top 10 Most competitive battery brand in LR 1.5v button cell field.

Manufaturer: SunKing / Suncom
Manufaturer PN: LR750, AG5-393
Type of Battery: Alkaline Button Cell
Cell Type: Silver Oxide
Nominal Voltage (V) 1.5V
Nominal Capacity (mah) 60 mah
Diameter (Size mm) 7.9mm
Thickness (Size mm) 5.4mm

Typical Applications: Watches, Hearing aids, clocks, Thermometers, timers, calculators, laser pointers, toys, IR riflescopes, LED.

Compatible Replacement for: SR754W,  SR48,  SR754,  SB-B3,  F,  V393,  D393,  255,  S754E, GP393,  AG5,  AG-5,  393,  SG5,  LR750,  LR48,  LR754,  L750,  393S, 393A,  393X,  393B,  D309,  309,  D309/393B,  SR48SW,  V309, RW48.

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