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8x Telescope Zoom Lens for Samsung Galaxy S3. Brand New in open box.

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Category: Cool Gadget
Item Code: SZ-SGS3-X001
Condition: New
Status: Open Box
Warranty: 30 Days
Unit weight: 1lbs  *dm
Ship To: 48 countries!
Qty in stock: 1

Additional Information

Tired of blurry long distance photos with your smart phone. Overcome the short Comings of your phones camera with this 8X distance zoom camera lens telescope. The new design allows for clear images while the wider lens allow you to capture even more details. Great for sporting events, concerts, family photos, or just enjoying a day of sightseeing while traveling. Simple installation, just carry your phone in the sleek case as you would any other phone case and when the need for the lens comes just connect it to the case.

Lens has been fully tested with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The item will not conflict with any application or function of your S3. The case has precisely cut holes that allow full access to all buttons and ports of the phone.


  • 8x Zoom
  • Wide Angle Lense Design
  • Manual Focus, Giving you full control of pictures clarity
  • Slim, compact & lightweight

Package Contents:

  • Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S3
  • 8x Zoom Telephoto lense
  • Lense Wipe
  • High grade Hand rope
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