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100% Dimmable GU10 Type LED Warm White 50watts + Output yet consume only 6Watts. 110V - 240V. Twenty times cooler at ten time the saving.

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100% Dimmable. These generate more light output then your standard 50 Watts GU10. They run 20 times cooler and consume 10 times less electricity !

If you own 10 or more if these type of light in your home or office, here,s the math.

Regular GU10 50 Watts

  • 10 * 50 Watts = 500 Watts per hour
  • Average 5 hour per day = 2500 watts per day
  • That is 70,000 watts or 70klw per month

LED Dimmable GU10 58 Watts Ouput 6 watts consumption

  • 10 * 6 Watts = 60 Watts per hour
  • Average 5 hour per day = 300 Watts per day
  • That is 9000 watts or 9klw per month

Imagine the saving with 20 or 30 of these in your home ! Come with 3 years or 50,000 Hours warranty. 100% Dimmable. LED that finally support the old dim switch!



Source life:  50,000 hours / 3 years 
Base type: GU10 
Material: Pure aluminum
Input voltage:100-240V AC
Output power: 58 watts

Consume Power: 6 Watts

Reflector efficiency: 94% 
Light source:5X1W LED
Body temperature: <60°C 
LED working temperature: <65°C 
Color temperature: 2700-3000K (Warm White ) 
Source life:  50,000 hours 
Safety assurance: CE & RoHS and NO UV&IR


Household lights for hallways, stairs, trails ,windows,
Decoration use,Theaters, clubs, shopping malls, Dining-room, meeting room

Package Content:

1 X GU10 5X 1W 6 Watts / 50 Watts ouput Warm White 

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