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Gevey GPP turbo iPhone 4s automatic unlock sim. R-Sim no 112 iOS5.0 5.0.1.

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Category: Cool Gadget
Item Code: SZ-I4SIOS5
Condition: New
Status: New OEM
Warranty: 15 Days
Unit weight: 1lbs  *dm
Ship To: 48 countries!
Qty in stock: More than 10

Additional Information

How to unlock with Gevey GPP Sim: YouTube

This Gevey GPP sim also called the automatic miracle no hassle unlocking. All you have to do is put it in the phone and watch miracles happen, no dialing 112, no cutting simcard, no jailbreaking at all! Plug it in the phone and your phone is as good as a factory unlocked iPhone.

The GPP card affixed is set to unlocked mode in default. It supports plug and play for the iphone 4s for the corresponding operator. If your 4S can not run in the default mode mentioned above, then the GPP card affixed can run in a smart learning mode.GPP Card posted can adjust the unlock mode to apply to your iphone4S which through the intelligent learning function .

No need to jailbreak!
No dialing 112!
No need to pop the tray in and out!
No need to unlock again after losing signal!
No need to unlock again after airplane mode!
No need to re-unlock ever!

Just plug n play!

Unlock ALL AT&T iPhone 4S on ALL GSM Network in the world!
Support ALL 4S firmware versions including 5.0 & 5.0.1
Support Compatible with iPhone 4S from AT&T, KDDI, and Softbank ALL AT&T iPhone 4S baseband including 1.0.11, 1.0.13 & 1.0.14
Does not damage phone or void warranty
Stable EDGE and 3G communication, 2G/3G dynamic switching
Supports MMS (multimedia message)
Compatibility: Only Works with USA iPhone 4S AT&T ONLY (Versions 5.0/5.0.1 & Baseband 1.0.11/1.0.13/1.0.14)

NOT Compatible with: iOS 5.1 and iPhone 4S from Verizon or Sprint

Package Content: 1 x Brand New Gevey GPP Sim for iPhone 4S

How to unlock with Gevey GPP Sim: YouTube

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