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MR16 Type LED Cool White 3W 3 X 1W DOWN LIGHT Led BULB 12V DC. Consume only 3watts and have the output power of a 25watts spot.

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Source life:  50,000 hours / 3 years 
Base type: MR16 
Material: Pure aluminum
Input voltage:12V DC
Output power: 4*
Lumen output: 
220- 260Lm
Reflector efficiency: 94% 
Light source:3X1W LED
Body temperature: <60°C 
LED working temperature: <65°C 
Color temperature: 6500-7000K (Cool White ) 
Source life:  50,000 hours 
Safety assurance: CE & RoHS and NO UV&IR


New Retail Box & Highest Quality 
Spotlight, no shadowing
Low heat, no UV or IR radiation
Great for retrofitting into existing track lights or down lights, make your interior decorations and space shine with this LED light bulb brought to you


Household lights for hallways, stairs, trails ,windows,
Decoration use,Theaters, clubs, shopping malls, Dining-room, meeting room

Package Content:

1 X MR16 3X 1W Cool White 

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