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manufactured by 3D Glasses

Home and Theater Use 3D Glasses Large Profile frames that can be used over prescription frames. Applications: Home 3D TV, Movie Theater 3d Movie (Not usable for Imax Movies) 3D Camera, 3D Phone.

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Category: Misc & Others
Item Code: 3DGL02
Condition: New
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Warranty: 15 Days
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Additional Information

3D Glasses Black Frame With Red and Blue Lenses.

Watch Movies and Images Come to Life

•Generic Unbranded 3D Glasses
•Plastic Frame
•Acrylic Lenses, Red left, Blue right

Condition: New/Bulk Packaging

Warranty: 30 days warranty with Centrix.


•Extra strong stylish plastic frame
•Super light weight and extremely comfortable
•High quality acrylic lenses

Ideal for use with 3D movies and games. Can also be used to view 3D prints on magazines, comic books, tv, etc.

Package includes one pair of 3D glasses
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