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Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT Charge Controller. 15 amps at 12 or 24 volts. Maximizes energy harvest with peak efficiency of 97.5%. Allows the use of high voltage PV modules including thin films. Converts 36V or 24V solar to 12V battery charging. May be used as a diversion controller for wind or microhydro.

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Additional Information

Highlights of the Controller Features:

  • Maximizes Energy Harvest
    TrakStar MPPT Technology features peak efficiency of over 97% almost no power losses recognition of multiple power peaks during shading or mixed PV arrays excellent performance at low solar insolation levels
  • Converts 36V or 24V PV Arrays
    Provides a means to use up to a 36V PV array to charge either a 24V or 12V battery.
  • Lower System Cost
    Less expensive than other MPPT controllers and is affordable in smaller PV systems up to 400Wp. Allows system costs to be reduced by down-sizing the PV array, using on-grid or thin film modules and decreasing
    cable sizes.
  • Use of High Voltage Modules
    Enables the use of high voltage and thin film modules for off-grid battery charging.
  • Includes Load Control
    Automatically disconnects loads when the battery has been discharged to a low state of charge.
  • Longer Battery Life
    Efficient MPPT tracking and 4-stage charging increases battery life.
  • Data Logging
    Records key operating parameters of the PV system and includes 30 days of data logging.
  • Diversion Control Capability
    May be programmed to control charging using an auxiliary DC resistive load.

The SunSaver MPPT can accept 12V , 24V, or 36V nominal off-grid solar module arrays. The solar array nominal voltage must be equal to or greater than the nominal battery voltage. For 24V systems, a 24V or 36V nominal solar array must be used. Grid-tie solar module(s) may be used with the Sunsaver MPPT if the open circuit voltage (Voc) does not exceed the SS-MPPT 75 V maximum solar input rating.

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