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Sunsaver Ss-20L-24

manufactured by Morningstar

The SunSaver 20L-24 (24 volt controller) offers most of the same features of the ProStar line but without the battery status LED automatic equalization or the optional LCD display. The SunSaver 20L-24 is a PWM controller and can control up to 20 array amps (can be paralleled for 40 amps or more). The SunSaver advanced design delivers outstanding performance and value

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Category: Charge Controllers
Item Code: 520-0041
Condition: New
Status: New OEM
Warranty: 15 Days
Unit weight: 2lbs 
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Additional Information

Morningstar Sunsaver Ss-20L-24V 20A, 24V Pwm Chg-Lvd

Standard Controller Features:

  • Temperature compensation
  • High level of lightning protection
  • Computerized production testing
  • Ambient temperatures of -40C to +60C
  • Expected 15 year life
  • Parallel capability for higher current ratings
  • Easy to use
  • No need to derate- 25% design margin
  • Constant voltage, PWM series charging
  • Reverse current protection (at night)
  • ISO 9002 manufacturing
    High efficiency, low self-consumption
  • Tropicalization-Epoxy or conformal coating
  • Five year warranty
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