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manufactured by Morningstar

Morningstar Prostar PS-15M 15A 12/24V Charge Controller w/ digital meter. The ProStar is available 12/24 volt and negative or positive ground. The controller may be paralleled for a solar input rating of up to 300 amps. Meter Provides an extensive display of self-testing and system status.

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Additional Information

Expected failure rate will be less than 1 per 1,000 units over 5 years.

>* Improved protections and added many new protections (see list below)
* Power MOSFET voltage rating increased 25%
* Eliminated all trim-pots and other troublesome parts
* Reduced the digital meter components from 75 to 16
* Increased the current-carrying copper traces by 75%
* Increased temperature rating of many parts
* Made conformal coating protection standard

Battery Charging
Expanded the battery charging options and capabilities.

* Added a third battery type selection (gel, sealed, flooded)
* Added a "float" stage to the battery charging algorithm
* Expanded the to account for depth of discharge history
* Added a remote temperature probe option
* Improved the accuracy of all charging parameters
* Moved the built-in temperature sensor to read ambient conditions more accurately

Installation & Operation
The new ProStar is easier and safer to install and use, with more operating information provided to the user.

* Self-diagnostic test provides assurance the controller is working correctly, or indicates a fault that is present
* Rotary switch provides simple and positive selection of battery type (and LEDs confirm the selection)
* Terminals are longer with more screw threads, screwdriver holes in the case are larger, and plastic tabs isolate the terminals
* The pushbutton disconnects the load first (for weekend cabins, boats, etc.), then disconnects the solar if held down for 2 seconds (indicated in the meter)
* Five protection functions are displayed in the digital meter
* Meter indicates "OFF" if solar or load is disconnected
* PWM is indicated in the green battery status LED (blinking)
* A telecom jumper eliminates PWM noise if present
* Mounting standoffs prevent stress cracks in the case

Protection against abuse and faults is now comprehensive.

* Added solar short circuit and overload protection / auto recovery
* Added load overload protection / auto recovery
* Improved load short circuit protection / auto recovery
* Improved protection of the load from voltage spikes
* Improved low battery voltage and brownout protection / auto recovery
* Other existing protections have been improved

Precision design for improved performance and accurate meter display.

* Added 0.1% resistors and other precision components
* Upgraded to a more powerful, faster microcontroller with better resolution
* Extensive digital filtering for improved accuracy
* Added 2 precision shunts for very accurate current measurement
* Calibration of the microcontroller during final QA testing in production

Digital Meter Display
Completely redesigned, improved and expanded the digital meter.

* Meter reads values directly from the microcontroller
* Very accurate voltage and current values measured and displayed
* Added self-test with specific faults and conditions displayed
* More status and protection conditions are displayed
* Reduced self-consumption to 1 mA
* Current is now measured in the ungrounded leg only
* Meter connector is more robust and easier to attach
* Any meter can now be mounted to any ProStar with no calibration required


Standard Controller Features:

Temperature compensation
High level of lightning protection
Computerized production testing

Ambient temperatures of 40C to +60C
Expected 15 year life
Parallel capability for higher current ratings
Easy to use
Constant voltage, PWM series charging
Reverse current protection (at night)
ISO 9002 manufacturing
High efficiency, low self-consumption
Tropicalization Epoxy or conformal coating
Five year warranty
No need to derate- 25% design margin
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