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Underwater LED light used for aquariums, ponds, pools, or fountains. This LED light bulb comes with an 18 piece LED emitter inside which gives more colorful and brilliant lighting. It has a long lifespan, generates low heat, and saves power. Easy to install.

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Category: LED Lights, Bulbs
Item Code: SZ-GZSJSD13
Condition: New
Status: New OEM
Warranty: 30 Days
Unit weight: 2lbs 
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Additional Information

Fully submersible and perfectly sealed, waterproof spotlight adds a dazzle of color to your pond or fountain
Comes with 1 LED bulb and 1 remote
360 degree direction
Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
Adjustable stand lets you point the light at different angles
Ideal for aquarium, fountain or pond
Super bright and long- lasting
Easy to install

Condition: New/Bulk Packaging/Bare

Voltage: 12V
LED Type: Integrated
Light Color: RGB
LED Quantity: 1pc
LED Bulb Lifespan: 30000-50000 hours
Material: Car Aluminum
Line Lenth:34cm/13.39inch
Dimensions: (8 x 7.5)cm / (3.15 x 2.95)inch (H x Dia.)
Weigh: 382g/13.47oz

Package contents:
Qty: 1 RGB Color Underwater Light
Qty: 1 Remote Control

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