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1 Foot Battery Cable Series Interconnect with ring terminals and heatshrink. Red heatshrink on one end and black heatshrink on the other end for use as a series battery cable. The lugs are 3/8 inch studs, non-insulated, closed end for corrosion resistance, tin plated ring terminals. 2/0 Gauge Heavy Duty solar cable. Ultra flexible & made with fine stranded 100% tinned copper wire. Dual wall insulation XLPE black color. UL 1232/1283/1346, 600V -40~+90 Celsius. Use for battery and Inverter inter connect.

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Category: Battery Cables
Item Code: 1BC38BR01
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Additional Information

Dual wall insulation XLPE Jacket with Electron beam cross-linked

Compared with LLDPE, XLPE electrical characteristics reduce life-cycle operating losses. Shield losses due to circulating currents go down by approximately 2 percent, which brings energy costs down. XLPE also offers better mechanical characteristics. While typical wind installations of XLPE are direct buried, some applications require MV cable in duct. When used in a duct application, XLPE has a lower coefficient of friction for easier, faster pulling. XLPE s higher abrasion-resistance can also reduce potential cable damage during installation.

Product Details:

Model Number16BKDXS
Insulation MaterialXLPE
TypeHigh Current
ApplicationSolar PV System, Deep Cycle Battery Inter Connect, Inverter Inter Connect
Conductor MaterialTinned copper 100%
SizePV Cable 16mm2, 2/0 , 5/8, 0.625
ConductorTinned 100% copper
InsulationHalogen Free Cross Linked Polylefin (XLPE)
Strand design224x0.3mm

Solar cable 16mm2 or 2/0

  • Dual wall insulation.XLPE Electron beam cross-linked
  • Rresistance to U.V, oil, greases, oxygen and ozone
  • Rresistance to abrasion
  • Halogen free, flame retardant, low toxicity
  • Ultra Flexibility and stripping performance
  • High current carring capacity 225amp +
  • TUV approved / UL approved

Wire: Class 5, Tinned Copper

100% UV resistant

Insulation material: XLPE

Hign wear and abrasion resistance

Double insulated

Flame test according to :DIN EN 20265-2-1, UL1571(VW-1)


Smallest permissible Bending Radius : 5 x D

Resistance against oil, greases, oxygen, ozone

Temperature range: -40~+90 Celcius degree

Micode- resistant

Colours: Black

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