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manufactured by Morningstar

Morningstar Remote Meter RM-1 with 30 Foot Cord

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Additional Information

Detailed Description:

Morningstars Remote Meter (RM-1) is a universal, four digit display with custom icons that is compatible with several Morningstar controllers and inverters. This meter provides comprehensive system information for easy monitoring including voltage, current, and temperature

Key Features and Benefits:

Provides Important Information

The digital meter displays voltage, current, temperature, logged data, settings, alarms and error reporting for easy trouble shooting. Present, cumulative and maximums/minimums are indicated. The LEDs display battery level and operating state.

One or more icon and units indicators are displayed to indicate whether the numerical information relates to solar, load, battery 1 or 2, options, errors or self-test

Mounting Optional

In Wall Mount
Frame Mount

Easy to Install

Simply plugs into other Morningstar products via RJ-11 connector. May be mounted in the wall or on the wall using the included frame. Also includes 10 meters of wiring with RJ-11 connectors and mounting screws

Simple to Use

Three soft buttons allow for simple navigation of the meter menus. Custom icons and back lighting make the meter easy to read and understand.

Low Self-Consumption

The Remote Meter was designed for low self-consumption to avoid draining the system batteries on even small solar systems. Self-consumption is 6 mA with back light off and 15 mA with back light on.


The temperature may be displayed in either C or F, the back light timer may be adjusted for desired running time and the amp-hours and minimum and maximum values may be reset.



  • Self-Consumption:
  • Backlight off 6mA
  • Backlight on 15mA
Minimum Operating Voltage: 8 Volts

Connector type: RJ-11 (6 pin)
Faceplate dimensions: 3.8" x 3.8" (95 x 95 mm)
Faceplate materials: Powder coated steel
Meter back dimensions: 2.9" diameter (74 mm) x 1.1" deep (28 mm), Fits 3" round hole (76 mm)
Frame dimensions: 4.5" 4.5" 1.4" (114 x 114 x 35 mm)
Frame material: PBT plastic
Meter cable: 33 (10 m) 6-conductor, may be extended to 100 (30 m)
Meter cable temperature rating: 140F (60C)
Meter weight: 0.3 lbs (135 g)

Ambient Temperature: -4F to 140F (-20C to 60C)
Storage Temperature: -22F to 176F (-30F to 80C)
Humidity: 100% N.C. Printed circuit board is conformal coated

CE Compliant
RoHS Compliant
Manufactured in a certified ISO 9001 facility

  • SunSaver Duo controller
  • SunSaver MPPT controller
  • SureSine inverter
5 year warranty
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