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OutBack FX2012MT Sine Wave Mobile Inverter 2000W, 12VDC w/turbo & built-in AC netural/ground switching system

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Additional Information

OutBack M-Series Inverter/Chargers provide true sinewave power output, and intelligent battery charging. They are modularly expandable to your power needs providing a complete power conversion solution. They incorporate a DC to AC inverter, battery charger, and an AC transfer switch, which combines 30 amp pass through and neutral/ground switching.

All OutBack Inverter/Chargers produce virtually distortion free sinewave AC power for onboard electronics like sensitive home theater equipment and microwaves with minimal RF interference. Industry leading surge power starts heavy loads like air conditioning. Power factor corrected battery charging gets the most out of your shore cord and generator while maximizing the life and performance of your batteries. Ultra fast AC transfer switch with neutral/ground switching seamlessly transfers shore cord current without dropping loads. Modular expandability is achieved through networked communications, allowing your inverter system to grow with your power consumption needs.

The Sealed OutBack M -Series inverter! charger is the most rugged design in the world. Conformal coated circuit boards, powder coated die-cast aluminum chassis resist corrosion. No other inverter !charger can operate in extreme climate conditions, such as highly corrosive salt air, and achieve the same level of reliability and performance as the sealed M - Series.

The Vented OutBack M-Series has the same proven technology and conformal coated circuit boards as the sealed version but offered in a vented chassis for higher power output. The fully screened "bug-proof" openings keep the power conversion components cool in very hot environments even when operated at high power for extended periods in more protected environments.

The OutBack M-Series inverter is the superior choice when you need a reliable, powerful, modular, and true sinewave inverter! charger.


  • True Sinewave AC Output
  • Intelligent Battery Charging
  • Modular System
  • High Surge Capability
  • Easy to Use
  • "Mount Anywhere" Design
  • Corrosion Resistant Circuit Boards
  • High Efficiency
  • Neutral/Ground Switching
  • Networked Communications
  • Silent Operation
  • Standard 2 Year Warranty
  • Optional 5 Year Warranty
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