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manufactured by ET Solar

ET Solar 210W Solar Panel ET-P654 Panel Dimensions:58.35 39.06 1.97 inches Rated Power (Pmax):210W, Watts(PTC):186.1 Watts, Max System Voltage:1000 Volts,Panel Technology:Polycrystalline Silicon, , 54 Cells Per Module, 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Additional Information

PV Module ET-P654210 Details

ET Solar Industry
210W Polycrystalline Module


Power at STC (W)210
Power at PTC (W) 186.10
Lower Power Tolerance (%)-3
Upper Power Tolerance (%)3
Power Density at STC (W / m2)142.84
Power Density at PTC (W / m2)126.59
Module Efficiency (%)14.3
Cell Efficiency (%)-
Vmp: Voltage at Max Power (V)27.54
Imp: Current at Max Power (A)7.63
Voc: Open Circuit Voltage (V)32.83
Isc: Short Circuit Current (A)8.30
Max System Voltage (V)-
Series Fuse Rating (A) 12
Bypass Diode-
Nominal Operating Cell Temp (C)45.3
Open Circuit Voltage Temp Coefficient (% / C)-0.357
Short Circuit Current Temp Coefficient (% / C)0.050
Max Power Temp Coefficient (% / C)-0.528


Cell TypePoly
Connector TypeMC4 (Solarline 2)
Connector Cable Length (mm)-
Length (mm)1482
Width (mm) 992
Module area (m2) 1.47
Depth (mm)50
Weight (kg)17.80
Frame Color Silver
Backsheet Color White

Warranties & Listings

Material Warranty (years)5
80% Power Warranty (years)25
90% Power Warranty (years)12
UL 1703 ComplianceYes
NRTL Certifying UL 1703-
Other Compliance Information
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