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Seagate Cheetah 15K.4 ST373454FC 73GB 15000 RPM 8 MB Cache 2 GBs Fiber Channel HDD. HP P/N: 359709-002 0950-4386

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Category: Legacy Hard Drives
Item Code: ST373454FC-FR
Condition: Refurbished
Status: Recertified
Warranty: 30 Days
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Additional Information

Seagate ST373454FC 73GB 3.5-Inch 15,000RPM Hard Disk Drives

Cheetah 15K performance and reliability enable lower TCO for a wide variety of enterprise applications. Fast seek times deliver the fastest time-to-data, resulting in 30 percent more IOPS and more than 20 percent faster response times than 3.5-inch 10K drives. Cheetah 15K enables higher performance with fewer drives. Fewer drives reduce support infrastructure, physical space requirements and storage management costs. This fourth-generation Cheetah 15K is the fastest, coolest, quietest and most reliable ever.

Part Number:ST373454FC
Series: Cheetah 15K.4
OEM P/N:359709-002 0950-4386
Condition: Factory Recertified/Bulk Packaging/Bare Drive

Warranty: 30 days warranty with Centrix, no Manufacturer warranty.

• Interface:Fibre Channel
• Capacity:72.8GB
• Cache:8m
• Average Seek Time:3.5
• RPM:15,000

Physical Spec:
• Form Factor:3.5
• Height (maximum):1in
• Width (maximum):4in
• Weight (maximum):1.5LB.

• Integrated dual port FC-AL controller
• Concurrent dual port transfers
• Support for FC arbitrated loop, private and public attachment
• Differential copper FC drivers and receivers
• Downloadable firmware using the FC-AL interface
• Supports SCSI enclosure services via interface connector
• 128-deep task set (queue)
• Supports up to 32 initiators
• Drive selection ID and configuration options are set on the FC-AL backpanel or through interface commands. Jumpers are not used on the drive.
• Supports SCSI Enclosure Services through the interface connector
• Fibre Channel worldwide name uniquely identifies the drive and each port
• User- selectable logical block size (512 to 528 bytes per logical block). For 2 gigabit operation, the block size
• Selectable frame sizes from 256 to 2,112 bytes

Information Links: Seagate Specifications (PDF)
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