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manufactured by Compaq

Compaq 235065-002 36.4 GB 15000 RPM 80PIN Wide Ultra160 SCSI HDD Model: BF03664664 PN: 9T3006-029; ST3006-029 3R-A3201-AA

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Category: Legacy Hard Drives
Item Code: 235065002-SP
Condition: Used
Status: System Pull
Warranty: 30 Days
Unit weight: 2.5lbs  *dm
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Additional Information

Compaq 235065-002 36.4GB 3.5-Inch 15,000RPM Hard Disk Drives

Todays distributed enterprise is seeing larger more complex applications an increase of mission-critical data moving to the server increasing demand for transaction processing and critical server consolidation. In this environment storage has become a critical component of the information system significantly defining both the systems reliability and performance. This is why Compaq drives undergo an intense qualification process that eliminates data integrity problems firmware and O/S incompatibilities and other causes of data corruption or premature failure. All drives are proven to perform in the Compaq systems for which they were designed

Manufacturer: HP/Compaq
Part Number: 235065-002
Series: Ultra3
Condition: USED/Bulk Packaging/Bare Drive

Warranty: 30 days warranty with Centrix, no Manufacturer warranty.

• Interface: SCSI
• Capacity: 36.4
• Cache:
• Average Seek Time:
• RPM: 15,000

Physical Spec:
• Form Factor: 3.5
• Height (maximum):1n
• Width (maximum): 4in
• Weight (maximum): 1.5lb

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