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White Slim Line Enclosure. For IDE 9.5mm slim line optical drives. CD CDRW DVD DVDR/RW HD-DVD and BD. Teac Toshiba Panasonic Phillips Sony and more. Requires no AC adapter Plug and Play no external AC adapter is required powers by USB and all cables included. Mac Apple compatible. Drive and Bezel not included.

Current Price:      $12.99


UPC Code:
Category: External DVD/CD/BD
Item Code: 95EXWT
Condition: New
Status: New OEM
Warranty: 30 Days
Unit weight: 2lbs 
Ship To: 48 countries!
Qty in stock: More than 10
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Additional Information

Simple construction and good quality, the 95EX-BLK-WT is your best choice if you want to assemble your own units. A matching white bezel mark DVD RW is included. Although compatible with several drives we suggest you call us to make sure the included bezel with fit your drive.

Manufacturer: Centrix International Corp.
Part Number: 95EX-BLK-WT
Color: White
Type: External Enclosure use with IDE Tray or Slot Loading Optical
Bezel: Not included
Condition: New
Warranty: 30 days warranty with Centrix, no manufacture warranty.
Interface: USB 2.0
Size: 9.5mm drives only

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