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manufactured by Toshiba

Toshiba 1.8 ZIF CE MK6028GAL HDD1807 60GB 4200RPM 5mm PATA ATA-7 Hard Drive 5mm. Used in Music MP3 Players, Handheld PCs, Laptops,

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Additional Information

Toshiba Storage Device Division continues to extend its market leading hard disk drive family by introducing the MK6028GAL. The new single-platter 60GB drive has been designed for high performance notebooks as well as storage-hungry electronic devices. It offers an areal density of 295.1Mbits/mm˛ which is Toshibas highest areal density to date for 1.8-inch notebook hard disk drives. Toshiba moved the technical barriers inherent to packing more data on an HDD. Alongside with the capacity , the 60GB HDD operates at 4200rpm.

The drive is only 5mm height and utilises the new ATA-7 interface delivering a data transfer rate of 100MB/s. In addition, through the use of a Low Insertion Force connector (LIF), it is 7 millimetres shorter than normal 1.8-inch HDDs and allows manufacturers the possibility to produce even smaller products without compromising on performance or storage capacity.

Field-proven for reliability and durability, Toshiba’s MK6028GAL, 1.8-inch hard disk drive provides 60GB of storage capacity with a Parallel ATA interface. The M6028GAL’s slim, 5mm-high profile and 71mm length make the MK6028GAL well-suited for space-constrained applications including tablet, sub-notebook and ultra-mobile PCs as well as portable media players, personal digital assistants, digital video camcorders and other handheld or stationary applications. Devices requiring the support of legacy software applications in particular, can benefit from the PATA implementation and disk format used in the MK6028GAL drive.

• Interface: PATA ATA / ZIF (ATA 7)
• Capacity: 60GB
• Cache: 8mb
• RPM: 4200
• Average Seek Time: 15ms

Physical Spec:
• Form Factor: 1.8
• Height (maximum): 5mm
• Width (maximum): 54mm
• Depth (maximum): 71mm

• MP3 Players
• External storage 
• Small Form Factor PCs
• GPS navigation systems 
• Personal Video Recorder
• Multi-media Player

Specifications for MK6028GAL or in PDF from Toshiba.

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