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manufactured by Centrix Intl Corp

4 Pin IDE to SATA Power Cable Adapter 3 inch. Convert 4 Pin ATX Molex to SATA power adapter.

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Category: Power & Adapters
Item Code: 4PSATAP
Condition: New
Status: New OEM
Warranty: 15 Days
Unit weight: 0.25lbs 
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Additional Information

Manufacturer: Centrix International Corp.
Part Number:
Type: Power Cables
Condition: New OEM/Bulk Packaging
Warranty: 15 Days

• ATX Molex Power to SATA Power Adapter - Convert ATX to SATA
• Molex to SATA power adapter
• 3 inches (approximate)
• 4-pin Molex male connector extends from power supply

Package Content:
• 1 x Adapter / OEM packaging not in retail package.

Now you can easily convert your 4-pin Molex power connector into a Serial ATA power connector. This handy adapter allows you power any SATA device without having to purchase a new power supply with the much needed connectors. Simply plug the adapter into a free Molex power connector and you instantly have the power for your SATA devices, like hard drives, optical drives and more!
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