manufactured by Intel

Intel 1.70GHz/400MHz/256KB 423 pin sSpec Number SL57V

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Category: Legacy Processors
Item Code: SL57V
Condition: Used
Status: System Pull
Warranty: 15 Days
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Additional Information

Manufacturer: Intel
Part Number: BX80528JK170G, BX80528JK170GR, BX80528JK170GR2
Spec Number: SL57V
Condition: System Pull/Bulk packaging/CPU only.

Warranty: 30 days warranty with Centrix. No Manufacturer warranty.

Processor Model: Intel Pentium 4
Clock Speed: 1.7 GHz
CPU Socket Type: Socket 423
Cache Size: 256 KB
Bus Speed: 400 MHz

Customers are responsible for processor compatibility. Please do your own research on our processors to see if they will work with your system.
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