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Raritan KX116
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manufactured by Raritan

Raritan Dominion KX116 DKX116. Secure digital KVM appliance that combines analog switching with KVM Over IP remote access technology. Full Retail Box.

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Raritan KX116
The 16-port, Single digital user DKX116 allows KVM over IP BIOS-level access to 16 computers and network devices controlled by a Web Browser from any location. Installation is simple with the KX116 1U KVM over IP solution which also features high-quality video, an industry-leading security gateway for all remote users, and integrated remote power control for total cold-reboot management. Multi-platform browser access to the Dominion KX116 can be established from a number of programs including Windows, Linux, Sun or Mac. Fail-safe right of entry into the KX116 is granted through a built-in Modem which allows remote access whenever your network or the internet is down. Centralized multiple remote computer management is also made simple by integrating Raritan’s CommandCenter for a single and secure IP gateway for all KX116 attached devices.

Dominion KX an enterprise-class, secure, digital KVM appliance that combines analog switching with the industrys highest-performing KVM Over IP (remote access) technology.

At the rack, Dominion KX provides BIOS-level control of up to 16 servers and other IT devices from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Plus, Dominion KXs integrated remote access capabilities provide the same BIOS-level control of your servers, from anywhere in the world, via Web browser or modem.

Dominion KX is easily installed in minutes using standard UTP (Cat5/5e/6) cabling. Its advanced features, including 128-bit encryption; remote power control; dual Ethernet ports; LDAP, RADIUS, Active Directory, syslog integration; and Web management, enable you to deliver higher uptime, better productivity, and bulletproof security – at anytime from anywhere.

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