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manufactured by Monster

OEM Monster iSpeaker Portable - Stylish portable speaker set plugs into your iPod Sony PSP laptop and/or DVD player. A must have for anyone who travels it is as small as a dual CD case. Compatible with all iPod versions it can be used with MP3 Players DVD players Mobile Phones PDAs and endless other applications. p/n: AISPKRPT AI SPK-RT

Current Price:      $24.99


UPC Code:
Category: Audio & Video
Item Code: SPKR-OEM
Condition: New
Status: New OEM
Warranty: Manufacturer
Unit weight: 2lbs 
Ship To: 48 countries!
Qty in stock: More than 10
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Additional Information

  • Monster iSpeaker Portable

  • General Features:
  • Cool silver profile
  • Double CD case design
  • Great for iPods or MP3 players
  • Works with notebooks with 3.5mm speaker ports
  • Output power 2-watts per channel
  • 4.7 k ohm
  • Freq. Response 100-20KHz
  • 93 dB @ 1M

  • Regulatory Approvals:
  • CE

Package Includes:
  • Monster iSpeaker Portable
  • Four (4) AA batteries
  • 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm Monster cable
  • Includes a three foot mini-to-mini stereo cable and four AA alkaline PowerCells
  • Easy, lightweight solution to listen to iPod, laptops, DVD player and mp3 player.
  • Can be used with any portable audio device with a mini-jack output, including laptops
  • Sleek double-CD case design is perfect for packing away until needed

Actual Customer Reviews "Pull from the net" FYI: These customers paid over $40 a unit !

Good and wonderfully portable for the price


I bought these speakers so that I can easily listen to music of my own choice (ipod hook-up) at work and when traveling. This device is great because it doesn t require an external electric hook up and is so compact that I can actually fit it in my purse. The 4 AA batteries it takes actually last quite a while as well. A friend of mine has the Bose speakers and the Bose speakers sound quality is phenomenal but this speaker quality is very good as well at less than half the price. If you are particular about very high quality sound, though, these might not be for you.

Great sound for the size


I just bought this to use instead of the crummy built-in speakers in my notebook computer, and what a great improvement! When you turn it up, and it gets pretty loud before it starts to distort, there s quite a bit of bass. You can really feel the case vibrate. Also, the imaging is quite good. Very convenient case is a bit larger than a double-CD case.

Not bad, just a little overpriced.


- Quite compact; as someone else said, it fits in my purse. If you are using it for your laptop it would easily fit in a laptop carrying case as well, since they usually have extra pouches.
- Durable! Despite the fact that they re made out of plastic, the overall shape makes them harder to break.
- Little energy needed. At first I was annoyed that it could be powered ONLY by batteries and not by a cord, but after using them for awhile I realized a power cord would be more than necessary. I just recently changed the batteries for these speakers, and I ve had them for over a year.
- Decent sound. Considering the build you wouldn t expect much from these, but they can get pretty loud and there s very little distortion.

- High price. Unless you are buying these used (which you probably should), $60 is a lot to ask for these.
- No place to put the cord. With such a compact design, you d expect that there would be some convenient place to put the cord when you aren t using them.

Great speakers for travelling and at the office; but probably not worth the price unless you are buying them used.

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