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manufactured by Parallel

Avalon 721 PSU Kit. 2400watt Platinum 94% efficiency Power Supply 200V/240v. Capable of powering (2) Avalon 6 or (2) Avalon 721. Delta Original. Model: DPS-2400AB

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Warranty: 30 Days
Unit weight: 10lbs 
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Additional Information

This PSU is rated at MAX 12.5 volts.  An increase of .5 volt over other power supply. The result with the Avalon 6s is an increase in hashing rate by 150Ghs - 250Ghs per unit. We will provide test result on he A7 as soon as available

190Amp Max Delta DPS-2400AB 2400watt 208V/240v 80+ Platinum 94% High Efficiency. Not compatible with 100/120volts

Custom build using the X-Adapter REV 5. This PSU kit is pre-wired and fully tested before shipping.
The possibility with this kit are endless.
AC Plug is C19 type

Can power the following examples

(2) AvalonMiner 721
(2) Avalon 6
(2) Avalon 7
(7) Antminer S3
(5) Antminer S5
(2) Antminer R4 - New
Up to (12) GPU for open mining.

We includes All PCI-E  high grade cables 24 inch 16AWG Kit includes:
  • (1) Delta 2400watt Platinum 94% efficiency Power Supply 208V/240v
  • (8) 24in PCI-E 6pin to 6pin cable set
  • (8) 24in PCI-E 6pin to 6pin + 2pin cable set
  • (2) Rev:5 X-Adapter, pre install, wired and tested
  • (8) 3M Rubber foot pads
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