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manufactured by CENTRIX

HP 1200watt High Efficiency Platinum Hot Plug Power Supply DPS-1200FB-1 A 579229-001 / 570451-101 / 570451-001 / HSTNS-PD19

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Warranty: 30 Days
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Additional Information

The 80 PLUS Platinum difference

The 80 PLUS program was created in 2004 through a joint effort between Ecova and the
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). It provides incentives for consumers (commercial and
residential) and manufacturers to buy and sell high-efficiency power solutions to lower power
costs and waste while reducing plug loads on overburdened power grids. The certification
enables customers worldwide to use the most efficient power supplies available. In addition,
ENERGY STAR® v1.0 requires a minimum of 80 PLUS Silver certification (89 percent power
efficiency at 50 percent load). HP Platinum Plus power supplies provide up to 94 percent
efficiency (at 50 percent load), vastly exceeding ENERGY STAR requirements. And now, HP offers
power supplies rated for Titanium level certification with efficiency of up to 96 percent.

Reduce your power costs and reclaim power capacity

Power expenses can account for more than 50 percent of the data center OPEX budget. An
increase in power efficiency can save your enterprise thousands, or possibly millions, of dollars
annually. New Common Slot power supplies can provide a savings of up to 60W per server
by minimizing power waste and reducing power requirements. When combined with new
low voltage, high performance HP SmartMemory, you can reduce overall data center power
requirements by up to 10 percent 3 (compared to HP ProLiant G6 power estimates).
Because HP Common Slot Power Supplies are available in multiple output options, they can be
right-sized for individual server configurations. That helps you recover “trapped” power capacity
by reducing over-provisioning of server power, allowing you to improve overall compute density
by reallocating saved power within the data center.
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