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manufactured by SanDisk

SanDisk CloudSpeed 1000 SDLFNDAR-240G. 2.5" 240GB SATAIII 6.0GB/s SSD Solid State Hard Drive. SanDisks CloudSpeed 1000 SSDs target read-intensive application workloads, such as front-end Web servers, media streaming, virtual tape libraries (VTL), video on demand (VOD), cloud service providers, front-end Web applications, and file servers. Along with SanDisks Guardian Technology platform and the latest generation of consumer multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash technology, they deliver all the features expected from an enterprise-class SSD—all at a great value.

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Read- Intensive Application Workloads File Servers
Flash-based storage accelerates access to files, replacing slower hard disk-drive (HDD) technology. When used as cache memory, solid state drives (SSDs) accelerate data retrieval for fast and reliable application performance.

Front-End Web Servers
SSDs support Internet traffic that enters the data center for processing by avoiding I/O bottlenecks. This enables fast processing by cloud service providers and accelerates end-to-end Web-enabled workloads.

Media Streaming
Flash storage support high data transfer rates for large datasets that are generated for movies, videos, and music; and distributed via broadcast and the Internet. Flash also supports faster animation rendering and image-painting and enhances performance with near-real-time results.

Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL)
SSDs support virtual tape libraries (VTL), which store archived data for long periods of time for reference, regulatory, and compliance purposes; and to store infrequently accessed data. SSDs support efficient data transfer into and out of the virtual tape library for faster processing and faster results, with very low power and cooling requirements.


InterfaceSATA 6 Gb/s
Sequential Read/WriteUp to 450/400 MB/s
Random Read/Write IOPS75K/12K IOPS
Access Time< 2.0 milliseconds
Data Reliability (BER) 1 unrecoverable error in 1017 bits read
MTBF2.5M hours
Data Fail RecoveryHigh- reliability backup- power circuitry
DWPD (Random/Sequential Workload)1/6 DWPD
VCC5V ± 5%
Active (Typ)5.2W
Shock (operating) 100g @ 1.0 ms, 1 shock along each axis, X, Y, Z in each direction
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