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manufactured by iomega

iomega eGo Desktop 3.5 SATA Hard Drive USB and FireWire External Enclosure Case

Current Price:      $29.00

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Category: HD Accessories
Item Code: IOMEGAEGO3.5
Condition: New
Status: New OEM
Warranty: 30 Days
Unit weight: 3lbs 
Ship To: 48 countries!
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Additional Information

iomega eGo Desktop 3.5 SATA Hard Drive USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 IEEE 1394 External Enclosure Case

Manufacturer: iomega
Part Number:
Type: External Enclosure
Color: Silver
Condition: New / Bulk Packaging
Warranty: 30 days warranty, no manufacture warranty.
Software: Not included
Interface: USB 2.0 and FireWire 800

iomega products are no longer being supported. iomega was acquired by EMC, who was recently acquired by Lenovo. Lenovo has liquidated all iomega products and discontinued all support.

This iomega enclosure originally sold assembled with an installed 1TB/2TB 3.5 SATA hard drive. However, we were able to obtain the virgin enclosure without a hard drive installed before reaching the assembly line. This means that you will be able to install any size SSD or HDD hard drive you want as long as it is a 3.5 SATA hard drives.

Again, there will be no iomega support, software download, or warranty on the enclosure. We will provide 30 days warranty and whatever support we can.

Product Description:

• Support USB 2.0 compatible with USB 3.0 and 1.0
• Support 3.5 SATA hard drive up to 2TB
• Support OS: Windows: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 ect. Mac: Mac OS X 10.4-10.6 ect.

Package included: (Hard disk drive not included)
• iomega 3.5 extrrnal drive housing
• USB 2.0 Cable
• FireWire 800 9 to 6 pin Cable
• FireWire 800 9 to 9 pin Cable
• AC Adapter with power cord
• Stand
• PCB board
• Screws and seals
***No manual or installations instructions are included!

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