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manufactured by HP

Original HP dv4 JAL50 LED LCD BOARD P/N 494977-001 DC02000LE00.

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Category: OEM's Original
Item Code: HZ2-003-494977
Condition: New
Status: New OEM
Warranty: Manufacturer
Unit weight: 0.01lbs 
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Additional Information

HP Pavilion DV4 series (dv4-1001xx dv4-1003tx dv4-1042tx
dv4-1048tx dv4-1049tx dv4-1220us dv4-1222nr dv4-1225dx dv4-
1228ca dv4-1251xx dv4-1302xx dv4-1308ca dv4-1320ca dv4-
1322us dv4-1412nr dv4-1427nr dv4-1428ca dv4-1428dx dv4t-1000
dv4t-1200 dv4t-1300 dv4t-1400 dv4t-1600 dv4z-1000 dv4z-1000 dv4z-1200)
LED LCD Cable 500419-001 494977-001 DC02000LE00 LS-410KP
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