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manufactured by HP Compaq

HP PN: 397922-002. Genuine HP Bluetooth Module card for HP NC6400. Model: BCM92045NMD. HZ2-4:34

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Category: Networking
Item Code: HZ2-25-397922-002
Condition: New
Status: New OEM
Warranty: 30 Days
Unit weight: 0.5lbs 
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Additional Information

Broadcom BCM92045NMD Bluetoooh 2.0 Module Card.

Compatible with:
Business Notebook 2210b, 6510b, 6515b, 6530b, 6535b, 6710b, 6715b, 6735b, 6520s, 6530s, 6710s, 6715s, 6730s, 6820s, 6830s, 6910p, 8510p, 2510p, 8510w, nc6320 nc8430, nw8440, nx6310, nx6315, nx6320, nx6325, nx6330, nx7300, nx7400, nx8420 Pavilion dv1600, dv3000, dv3500, dv6000, dv6100, dv6200, dv6300, dv6400, dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800, dv9000, dv9200, dv9300, dv9500, dv9600, dv9700, dv9800, tx1000, tx1005AU, tx1100, tx1200, tx1300, tx1400, tx2000, tx2100, tx2500, HDX9000, HDX9100, HDX9200, HDX9300, HDX9400, HDX9500, dv3 (dv3-2000, dv3-2100, dv3-2200), dv4 (dv4-1000, dv4-1100, dv4-1200, dv4-1300) Presario V6000, V6100, V6200, V6300, V6400, V6500, V6600, V6700, V6800, CQ20 (CQ20- 100), CQ35 (CQ35-100, CQ35-200, CQ35-300), CQ40 (CQ40-100,CQ40-200, CQ40-300, CQ40- 400), CQ45 (CQ45-100, CQ45-200, CQ45-300, CQ45-400) TouchSmart tx2 (tx2-1000, tx2-1100, tx2-1200)
HP Compaq 2133 Mini-Note PC
HP Compaq 540 541 550

HP Compaq SPS P/Ns: 398393-001, 398393-002, 397922-002, 412766-002,397923-002.
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