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manufactured by Intel

Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478 P/N: SL7PK BX80546PE2800E

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Category: Legacy Processors
Item Code: HZ1-SL7PK
Condition: New
Status: New OEM
Warranty: 30 Days
Unit weight: 0.5lbs 
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Additional Information

Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478 P/N: SL7PK BX80546PE2800E

Manufacturer: Intel
Part Number: SL7PK
Condition: New/Bulk Packaging
Warranty: 30 days warranty with Centrix International, no manufacture warranty.

Frequency (GHz): 2.8
BUS Speed (MHz): 533
Clock Multiplier: 21
Skocket: 478 (mPGA4788)
CPUID: 0F41h
Core stepping: E0
Qualification sample: Q00V
Processor core: Prescott
Manufacturing technology: 0.09
L2 cache size (MB): 1
Core voltage (V): 1.287-1.4
Case temperature(°C): 69.1
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