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Western Digital WD3200BVVT
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manufactured by Western Digital

Western Digital WD AV Series WD3200BVVT 320GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5 SATA 3.0Gb/s HDD. WD P/N:WD3200BVVT WD3200BVVT-63A26Y0

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Item Code: WD3200BVVT-FR
Condition: Refurbished
Status: Recertified
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Additional Information

Manufacturer: Western Digital
Part Number: WD3200BVVT
Series: Scorpio Blue
WD P/N: WD3200BVVT-63A26Y0
Condition: Factory Recertified/Bulk Packaging
Warranty: 30 days warranty with Centrix, 6 Months Western Digital Warranty Only.
Software: Not included

• Interface: SATAII 3.0Gb/s
• Capacity: 320GB
• Cache: 8MB
• Average Seek Time: 12ms
• RPM: 5400 RPM
• Form Factor: 2.5 9.5mm

In addition to high levels of clarity, long-term reliability and low-power consumption are equally critical to surveillance systems. Designed for 24x7 operation, WD drives with WD GreenPower Technology consume less power during spin-up and operation, minimize heat dissipation and vibration, and operate reliably without compromising performance. Reducing heat, noise, and vibration enables surveillance applications to operate more reliably over longer periods of time.

24x7 reliability- Reliable performance engineered for demanding always-on multimedia streaming environments.

Low-power, compact storage- Cool, quiet 2.5-inch AV storage is the perfect solution for a variety of multimedia applications and fanless environments where the drive operates below 65° C base casting temperature.

Low power consumption- The drive draws less than 2 Watts while operating and a mere 4.75 Watts during spin up

1 million hours (MTBF)- Best-in-class reliability for small-form factor AV storage

Supports high definition video- SilkStream technology supports up to five simultaneous streams of HD video in a variety of file formats.

Storage designed for digital video surveillance- Life in a desktop computer doesnt compare to the extreme environment in todays always-on, capacity-consuming digital video surveillance systems. Whats needed is a drive that has been engineered to manage up to 10 simultaneous audio-video streams and welcomes the challenge of an environment thats running 24x7 while offering exceptional dollars-per-gigabyte value. Thats why WD has designed a storage lineup of surveillance-based hard drives and SSDs perfect for digital video surveillance and its many unique environments and application sets.

Advanced Format Technology (AF)- Technology being adopted by WD and other drive manufacturers as one of multiple ways to continue growing hard drive capacities. AF is a more efficient media format that enables increased areal densities.

SilkStream technology- Optimized for smooth, continuous digital video playback of up to five simultaneous HD streams. SilkStream is compatible with the ATA streaming command set so AV customers can use standard streaming management and error recovery options.

Quiet.- Noise levels have been minimized to less than one sone* - virtually below the threshold of human hearing.

Preemptive Wear Leveling (PWL).- The drive arm frequently sweeps across the disk to reduce uneven wear on the drive surface common to audio video streaming applications.

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