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Dell N5694 Ultra320 SCSI RAID CONTROLLER PN: N5694; 0N5694

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Additional Information

The PERC 320/DC Controller supports up to 30 SCSI hard drives. For optimal performance, install identical hard drives of the same model and capacity. The hard drives matched performance allows the array to function at the highest performance level.

The PERC 320/DC controller is designed to work with Ultra320 SCSI hard drives. Using hard drives capable of supporting Ultra320 SCSI will maximize performance. Using SCSI hard drives that do not support Low Voltage Differential (LVD) mode is not recommended because it decreases the maximum performance of the controller.


Adaptec, Inc.

Model Number


Dell Part # 0N5694

RAID Processor

Intel 80303

Controller Interface

320 MB/s burst rate per channel

Interface Revision


Interface Transfer Rate

320 MB/s

Supported Devices

SCSI Hard Disk Drives

Number of SCSI Channels

Two Independent SCSI channels

Devices per SCSI Channel


PCI Bus Interface

64 bit, 66 MHz PCI
PCI Standard 2.2

SCSI Connectors

Internal: One High Density 68-pin
External: Two Very High Density 68-pin

Basic Input/Output System (BIOS)


Cache Configuration

64 Mbytes of PC100 SDRAM soldered to the controller


4 MB flash ROM

Nonvolatile Random Access Memory (RAM)

32 KB for storing RAID configuration

Compatible Dell Systems

Precisions 470 650 670 690. Poweredge Servers

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