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OEM IBM 19K1464 9.1GB 10000 RPM 80PIN Wide Ultra160 SCSI HDD Model: ST39204LC PN: 19K1464; 9P4001-YYY FRU: 19K0613; 37L6216

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Category: Legacy Hard Drives
Item Code: 19K14864-SP
Condition: Used
Status: System Pull
Warranty: 30 Days
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Additional Information

IBM 19K1464 18.2GB 3.5-Inch 10,000RPM Hard Disk Drives

Access time : 5.2ms Drive Capacity : 9.2GB Data Buffer : 4MB Data Storage Device Type : Locally attached (internal or external) device Hard Drive Device Type : Internal hard drive Data Transfer Rate : 40.5MB Form Factor (Drive) : 3.5-inch Half height Interface : Ultra3 SCSI (Ultra 160/m) Rotational Speed : 10000 rpm Industry-leading performance for the most demanding applications, workstations, network file servers and enterprise servers Its hard to find people that complain about computers working too fast. The demand for increased drive performance remains insatiable in virtually all aspects of computing, ranging from the nightly television feature produced on a non-linear video-editing system, to a paramedic needing rapid access to information critical to a patients life. More and more, information technology grows dependent on disc drives to provide real time access to immense volumes of information at a moments notice.

Manufacturer: IBM
Part Number: 19K1464
OEM P/N: ST39204LC
Condition: USED/Bulk Packaging/Bare Drive

Warranty: 30 days warranty with Centrix, no Manufacturer warranty.

• Interface: SCSI
• Capacity: 9.1 GB
• Cache: 2m
• Average Seek Time: 5.2ms
• RPM: 10,000
• Data Transfer Rate: 160mb/s

Physical Spec:
• Form Factor: 3.5
• Height (maximum):1n
• Width (maximum): 4in
• Weight (maximum): 1.5lb

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